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Boulder Rural uses a comprehensive budget preparation, review, and approval process:

  • The budget cycle for Boulder Rural starts in May of each year.
  • We plan our expenditures 10 years into the future, accounting for inflation, anticipated cost increases, capital purchases, and personnel expenses.
  • Most of the district’s revenue comes from property taxes, approximately $4.5 Million.
  • The balance of our funding comes from specific ownership taxes, grants, fees for inspections and permits, interest earned on savings, and wildland fire callouts.

If you would like to examine a copy of the budget or have questions, please contact Chief Greg Schwab at 303-530-9575 x 101 to set up an appointment.

If you would like to see our budgets submitted to the state, they are available here:

If you would like to see the audit reports filed with the state of Colorado, they are available here: